This Here, account Select Programs with Higher Education!

Considerations Click Programs in Higher Education !. (MedanBisnis / dedy rizky ginting)
Time goes thus fast, there is uneasiness When The idea time arrives. Sacred date pertaining to a good young friend exactly who now sits to the bench late high school or maybe equivalent. Not singular anxious to its National Exam but hesitated additionally studied with state universities passed by the invitation This really is right now called SNMPTN (National food list incoming PTN) and a good test track SBMPTN (write lines).
Choose the biggest within college feel not easy. your current quantity involving majors throughout each college students produce confusion. Universitas Islam Negeri Sultan Syarif Kasim39

Moreover, until currently You will find still students which wish to be able to Opt for a largest Whenever asked what \’m simply confused since he himself did not recognize ones talents and also abilities he has.

As through the Judita Nainggolan, the alumnus of SMA Cahaya Medan, admits That he have been dogged want to be able to Decide on agriculture majors, among others; Agricultural Engineering, foodstuff Science Technology in addition to Water management.

Asked Regarding the reason, Judita claimed to want to be able to operate throughout PTPN later, as well as he also said how the outlook because of its future involving agriculture is actually very clear, Whenever interviewed on one Bimbel prestigious locations on the city connected with Medan two days ago.

From experience Judita, which have ones spirit so high considering that the last year he had failed the exams SNMPTN, but departs by That he increasingly persistent failure to follow your guidance-counseling for you to graduate with a biggest that will he expected. Buddy young, In the event additionally get a strong determination to pass along with be the students on State institutions are generally both at the city especially outside your own cities.

How to Pick a greatest throughout Higher Education can be good, following tips The idea will certainly mate young in order to know:

1. Adjust Goals, Interests in addition to Talents
For MY PERSONAL friend who has had certain ideals, after that look at what your own section will bring to the profession as well as your required job. Do not Select engineering majors whether or not MY friend wants being a soldier and also do not likewise Select literature majors regardless of whether MY friend aspires being a doctor.

2. Perfect Information
Look pertaining to points The item quite a few buddies In the same way bill with regard to choosing majors. Search as well as explore specifics from many sources including parents, siblings, teachers, friends, Bimbel, educational consultants, as well as seniors. Do not end up being easily influenced by some other anyone exactly who did not Master information or even just went and a good friend / trend. Later, young friend alone can bear your own risk.

3. Capacity team / chances Accepted
Note your own capacity of your division on the PTN and also PTS favorites. with general obtain a limited range as well as contested coming from many. Do not burden yourself within targets young buddy for you to study from a great certain location with a certain majors favorites. Young buddy buddy is actually stressful whether or not your current may is actually not fulfilled. generate in excess of solitary key along with the team being a college jock term backup.

4. Future task and Employment
Look number one after pal graduation. is the office buddy buddy get That later may lead to receiving a career and also a career? a lot of majors tend to be now unemployed graduates are not working.

Well, by some of any above tips just might reduce the turmoil with determining the direction associated with young buddies later. Not single a person via certain departments The idea will run inside a great profession, because the at this time connected with recruitment solutions with search regarding work do not see somebody because of the educational background, but in addition experience. But if your competence, courage as well as ability to help mate far coming from normal people, after that whatever pal majors take It legitimate.

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Sharing: Benefits KEMIRI for hair   

How many years have I used a hazelnut yes … hm, from 1998 loh … This is what saved my hair from hair loss due to Trichotillomania, curly, paint, bleaching …. Yes! Candlenut! Although now that I’ve repentance ‘punish’ hair, hair care remains MUST! This will extend the life of hair in the future.manfaat- kemiri 29
KEMIRI, is not only known as seasoning but very beneficial for the hair. To make the hazelnut oil can actually be done alone, only a little trouble .. How, pecan baked / roasted and crushed / pounded until the oil out. This is a topical oil rub the head. Do hepi first, troublesome lot, oil sedikiitt … :(
Black hair. Black hair, it is definitely sparkles.
Reduce and prevent hair loss. Apply hazelnut oil on the scalp with a gentle massage. Proven effective in reducing hair loss.
Stimulate hair growth. Fun, pecans grow hair without side effects. Differences with chemical, must be used continuously. Once stopped, the hair loss and grow back again.
Make hair thicker and thicker. Hair owners babyhair special type of super fine, be happy that the hazelnut can fatten your hair texture.
Overcoming the gray hair. This I prove myself … I give pure hazelnut oil on my client and two months later he discontinue its use because it makes her hair to black! Once I realized his hair blond (her Caucasians), I am more convinced by the benefits: D
Side effects actually just BAU hazelnut oil, walnut oil pure because it is distinctive smell of hazelnut itself. Many commercially sold hazelnut plus aromatherapy and so on but I think pecan hazelnut smell ya anyway. But Eits … think of the benefits to your hair. In contrast to chemical, pecan not addictive and cheap!
Use 1 or 1.5 hour before shampooing (scalp) and then shampoo as usual.
Can also be used as a mixture of cream bath (for minimizing odor is also okay ya!)
Used overnight necessarily better. Cover your hair with a towel and rub pillow ya …
KEMIRI AS ANTI dandruff: Use hazelnut on the scalp. Once dry, rub the scalp dandruff. Dandruff will wear off, the scalp clean and dandruff free hair too.

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Living Room Ideas Pictures

Living room ideas pictures

living room ideas pictures
living room ideas pictures

Choose the colors for the living room can be a daunting offer for those who are afraid of a color scheme this year is stuck, they can no longer suffering, or out of the style of betting. With so many colors and color possible, you might be wondering how to go about choosing a color scheme that you want to display the error for you, your friends or family members in the near future. But some of the color palettes have proved to be sustainable for decades (even for centuries), and can be adapted to a wide variety of interior decorating styles. So take heart–perfect for the living room and the master tempat tidur ideas color scheme ideas is waiting for you to discover it.

Ideas for Bay window treatments in the living room.

1. curtains
Decide what type of curtain to dress up the Bay window in the living room, where the curtain style, length and color. Cafe-style curtains to fill the window. To control the amount of light to the area, you need to add the Panel with the color of your choice.
2. the tone
Shade provides an alternative to curtains, as they say, light, and have a subtle treatment of the windows. You can choose from a variety of shades, roller shades or natural fibres such as bamboo shades in between.
3. hijack
Capes you can highlight your living room Windows, without them. Creativity if you choose are fabric and texture. Also, the traditional valance scarves replacements. Select the thin fabric such as satin or silk. If you prefer a heavier fabric, you need a lined valance made from heavy wool or cotton material.

The ideas of the colors in my living room

The classic suits of the same colors furniture hpl  to provide life to the classic and timeless appeal. Leather or fabric sofa in black, Brown, Navy or Charcoal Gray, you can anchor the room in a variety of styles. And like a good suit, it dressed up or down, and accessorised with a variety of colors. Imagine a traditional bank in rich chocolate brown or Navy are grouped in the striped chairs, and oriental rug, which repeats it in color and the other classic colors such as Burgundy and gold. The walls can be kept neutral or accent colors you can pick it up if you can to Accessories, which are extravagant or simple, formal or informal. If your taste leans towards the more modern appearance, Charcoal Grey or black sectional sofa or colours may be a starting point for the mid century modern interior design, and red and turquoise or soft contemporary interiors, Sage Green or a yellow highlight shades. The classic colors, the color palette in many directions, you can launch your own taste in the Master bedroom chandelier.

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Traditional Bedroom Design

Traditional bedroom design

traditional bedroom design
traditional bedroom design

Vintage inspired in the master bedroom is a romantic, sentimental look. Drag your grandmother loved the pieces from warehouse and use them to create a charming style, the bedrooms. A pair of antique candy colors and airy tissue to keep the look, fresh and inviting. If you do not have the authentic vintage items, use the realistic design changes or does not trim the pieces to the right. Bedroom design around your favorite vintage inspired by the painted or a piece of the beloved Heirloom used for design inspiration.

Victorian bedroom decorating ideas

Victorian master bedroom ideas can be a luxurious place to lay your head. The deep colors and highly decorated curtains, bedding and floor offers numerous accessories and screens in China, bronze, carved wood and colored glass in this context. The perfect compliment to a Victorian-era accommodation, traditional colors and the style of the mebel jepara bedroom transports you to the more gentle of the time and place. Here is how to make the appearance of your home.
Victorian colors were rich and fat and ideal for relaxing in a bedroom. The color of the walls a deep reddish brown, purple or dark forest green. Eggshell finishes allow you to add color to the color of the rich appearance. If you have a little modern twist, where the bed is a deeper shade of the color of your room, add some extra depth and drama of the wall color. If you are undecided about the wall color, find the Victorian wall Print using your room and draw your basic color of the painting. You are definitely one of the above colors featured in the selected artwork to find an exact match, so take your paint a painting or a coordinating color work.

How to decorating with Vintage bedroom

1. Soft vintage inspired by the shade of the color of the walls. Select the Peppermint ice cream furniture jepara , pastel blue, lavender, rose or butter yellow color to complement the antique pieces of furniture.
2. Select the Antique white wrought iron bed frame. To choose from are worn-looking canopy bed the bed frame features a Lacy iron data.
3. Improve the bed of vintage fabrics and patterns. Select a handmade quilt patchwork squares with rose patterns, bright red, white and green stripe, and red and white Crayon print.
4. Hang the airy cotton curtains, offers alluring pattern. Solid color walls with red, pink and Mint green cabbage rose-the pattern of window coverings.
5. Fill the Master bedroom color schemes ideas authentic vintage pieces. Hang the Antiques in the straw hats on wall hooks. Vintage record player antique wood desk display the Secretary

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Attractiveness Strategies for 6th Graders

Attractiveness Strategies for 6th Graders

Attractiveness Strategies for 6th Graders
Attractiveness Strategies for 6th Graders

Sixth-grade young ladies will still be therefore young and fresh-faced, they will scarcely need to have splendor guidelines by any means. Simply commencing teenage years, the tough realities involving zits plus the necessity of any strict skin care routine have not very reach household nevertheless. On the other hand, in the event you show your teen lady a number of principles with skin care and tips on how to retain the idea gentle using cosmetic makeup products, your lover might not have in order to experience the horrors which could come with youngster skin tone.

Wash Way up Usually

One of several errors younger young ladies help to make, specially around 6th rank after they become more interpersonal than in the past, is usually omitting washing workouts because of their looks. This is as soon as skin tone may start to appear duller and zits problems continue. Motivate your current 6th grader to wash the woman face completely each morning previous to venturing out the threshold and every evening previous to maneuvering to cargo area. When your lover put in the day acquiring zonked, a washing following college probably would not damage possibly.

Miss the head Makeup foundation

6th graders can be arrested involving attempting to get older very rapidly. When this is actually the case for the youngster in your lifetime, you might want to placed the brakes with in relation to face make-up. Sixth-grade young ladies should never marly their more youthful skin tone through caking with footing, powder or perhaps different pointless cosmetic products. They just don’t require it and it also could potentially cause acne outbreaks.
Favor Shin In excess of Twigs
Sixth-grade young ladies will still be relatively young and for that reason don’t need to have on bright lipsticks in order to college or perhaps with jaunts using their buddies. Motivate your current young you to definitely have on top high gloss, which isn’t just additional age-appropriate, but emphasizes the beautiful natural shade involving the woman mouth area. Furthermore, your lover may test out colours, glitters and several polished embellishments, that is anything true lipstick alternatives don’t generally provide.
No Eyesight Makeup foundation
Sixth-grade young ladies don’t need to have vision make-up ever again as compared to they have to slosh on the footing. With regard to special instances merely, a gentle vision darkness may very well be as a way. Although certainly miss the mascara — which often can think about along the woman however developing the eyelashes — plus the eyeliner. The actual other will certainly increase get older to your 6th grader, which could cause the woman currently being approached through a lot old kids, children in particular.

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Vintage Kitchens Images

Vintage Kitchens Images – In those times the kitchen suffered a transformation from the old to the “essential kitchen-modern” with improved ventilation and organization and new appliances advertised in magazines as part of the “all-electric kitchen.” The mixers are now designed multifunctional me and be able to sift flour, squeeze lemons, shred, cut and chop vegetables, and others. The color most used at that time in the kitchen was the “Depression Green”, replacing the already old-fashioned black and white.

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Silver gray and red, and green, pink and blue were popular combination also pear, plus checkered patterns used in textiles.

In 1935 an institution (National Office Modernization) was created to promote the modernization of the whole country. Color began to make its way into the 1930s kitchens, people are advised in magazines on how to assimilate the kitchen in the rest of the house (kitchen were starting to get as much attention as the rest of the house) and advice on color schemes. Devices before available in different colors and styles (“lacquered”) cartridge such as games, cake savers, bread and garbage cans.

 1940: The era of colors

The kitchen postwar 40s became a family gathering place, with chrome bases furniture, linoleum or plastic caps. The kitchens were beginning to replace separate formal dining rooms and became dominated by primary colors. The combination of red and black or green and yellow were popular and brightly colored textiles, curtains and tablecloths, along with fashion flowers and fruits that are on the shelves. White continued to be produced with rounded corners and lower combined ratio and even (as the washing machine and dishwasher), along with the introduction of garbage disposal and refrigerators.

1950: The era atomic-Pastel

Kitchens would change dramatically as the 50 arrived with the “atomic age” or “public space” designs and materials. The kitchen of the fifties featured plastics, colors like turquoise or aqua, Formica and chrome table and chairs to match the Formica kitchen counters, all of which made it easier to clean. After the war there was not enough time to promote accessories for picnics, barbecues or parties.

Color TV made it possible for people at home to see all products that had access. The end of the Second World War came with a new generation of plastics, which replaced the glass, ceramics and tin products in the kitchen. Products like the Melmac and Melamine dishes, Lustro goods, Tupperware and “Thermowall” were a great success. A new material was used vinyl (in brightly colored tablecloths and tea towels) and the boomerang and abstract forms became popular. The decoration pattern included poodles and roosters, tea and coffee makers, appliances and bedding covers. The devices come in 50 specific colors: turquoise, yellow and pink soft.

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How do Athletes Lose Weight

Why do some athletes want to lose weight?

Often athletes are under a lot of pressure to be a certain weight to participate in some sports. These sports include dance, gymnastics, figure skating or diver. This often causes athletes to lose weight in unhealthy ways (skip meals, use diet pills, laxatives or vomiting). An unhealthy diet can lead to unhealthy eating habits or eating disorders (anorexia or bulimia). An unhealthy diet and vigorous exercise may affect your menstrual cycle and bone health in women too. It could also affect the growth and development of young athletes.

how do athletes lose weight

What is a healthy weight loss goal?

One to two pounds per week is a healthy weight loss goal. Take enough time before an event to lose weight safely. Lose weight very quickly can affect performance and cause health problems. It can also cause loss of muscle along with fat. The best time to try to lose weight during the off, or at the beginning of the season, before a competition season. Resistance training can limit the loss of muscle while losing fat. Ask for help from your dietitian or doctor to choose a suitable goal for their height, age and activity level to lose weight.

What is a healthy eating plan for an athlete?

Eat a variety of healthy foods low in calories during meals and snacks. Do not skip meals. The following are suggested amounts of carbohydrates, protein, and fat you might need every day.

Fat is important because it provides energy and vitamins. You need 20% to 35% of their total calories from fat needed. For example, a man requires approximately 2900 calories per day need to consume 725 calories from fat each day. There are healthy fats and unhealthy fats in food. Ask your doctor for more information about the different types of fat and the total amount of fat you need to consume.

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy your body uses during exercise. The amount of carbohydrates you need depends on the calories you need to consume daily and your sport. It also depends on whether you are male or female. Athletes need 6-10 grams of carbohydrate per kilogram of body weight. To determine your weight in kilograms, divide your weight in pounds by 2.2. Then multiply this number by the amount of carbohydrates you need each day. For example, if you weigh 70 kilograms, then you will need 420-700 grams of carbohydrates each day.

Protein helps build and repair muscle, produce hormones, boost your immune system and replace the blood cells. The amount of protein you need is thoroughly larger than the amount suggested for people who do not exercise. Endurance athletes need 1.2 to 1.4 grams of protein for each kilogram of body weight each day. Athletes who practice strength training (such as weight lifting) need 1.2 to 1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight each day. Usually, you can meet your protein needs to follow a balanced eating plan. Foods that are good sources of protein are poultry, eggs, lean meat, cheese, milk, peanut butter and beans. Amino acid supplements or protein are not necessary if you follow a healthy and balanced eating plan.

How I can reduce the amount of calories safely?

Consume about 500 fewer calories each day to lose 1-2 pounds each week. Here are some ideas on how to cut calories.

Eat smaller portions. This can be done by using a smaller plate. You can also use the rule of dish serving sizes. Place vegetables in a half (½) of the plate. Place a protein food in a quarter (¼) of your plate. Place a carbohydrate in the fourth quarter (¼) of the plate.

Avoid taking a second serving. In restaurants, divide your meal with another person, or take half the meal home.

Cut down on liquids and foods that are high in sugar and fat. Examples of liquids and foods high in sugar are soft drinks, sweetened drinks and sweets. Food and liquids high in fat include whole milk, potato chips, fried foods, mayonnaise and pastries (cookies and cakes).

Eat healthy snacks between meals to keep you from feeling hungry. These will help you not overeat during meals. Eat a carbohydrate snack about 1 hour before exercise to give you energy and keep you from feeling hungry. Examples of carbohydrate-containing snacks include bran muffin low in fat, a banana, apple or yogurt.

What are some foods you can include in my eating plan?

Eat dairy protein and low in fat. Drink skim or 1% fat milk. Eat cottage cheese, yogurt and cheese with low fat content. Eat fish, chicken or turkey without the skin and lean cuts of meat. Trim all visible fat from meat before cooking. Choose eggs and egg whites.

Eat foods high in fiber such as whole grain foods (bread, tortillas, crackers), beans and legumes. Choose cereals high in fiber are low in calories (less than 150 calories per serving), such as oats. Add foods high in fiber to your diet slowly if not normally consumed frequently. If these foods add fiber to your diet quickly, you may have swelling, gas and upset stomach.

Include whole grain carbohydrates and lean meat at every meal and snack. These foods may help you feel full longer.

Choose healthy low-calorie snacks, such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products with low fat and grains (such as a granola bar).

What liquids should I drink?

Drink beverages without calories or calorie as water and sports drinks. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Dehydration can cause serious health problems. Athletes are most in need of liquidity because they lose water through sweat.

Always carry water during prolonged exercise sessions. You can wear a special bag to carry water or tape in your back around your waist. Drink sports drinks during exercise sessions lasting longer than 1 hour. Checking the color of your urine is the best way to check if you are drinking enough. Urine should be clear or very light tone with yellow little or no odor. If your urine is dark and has a strong odor, it is possible that you have not had enough water.

When do I need to communicate with your doctor?

Contact your doctor if:

  • You feel weak or dizzy.
  • You lose a lot of weight in a short period of time.
  • You have questions or concerns about your weight loss plan.


You have the right to participate in planning their care. Discuss your treatment options with their doctors to decide what care you want to receive. You always have the right to refuse treatment. This information is used only for educational purposes. His intention is not to give a medical advice for individual conditions or treatments. Talk to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist before following any medical regimen to see if it is safe and effective for you.

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Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Kitchen Cabinet Designs – Perhaps the most important is to think of a kitchen cabinet. Kitchen furniture add most look to the kitchen, making them an important design element. These cabinets can be made cabinets or action.

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Kitchen cabinet designs

A measure cabinets can be customized to your preference. They can be made especially for your kitchen, with custom sizes, with a unique look, color, etc kitchen cabinets file can be found in all centers of home improvement or in catalogs. These are much cheaper than custom-made cabinets.

Storage Options

The main objective of kitchen cabinets should be functional. There are many options that can make their cabinets more useful, such as baskets, drawers, boxes, etc.

Some of the designs of the cabinet are: country, traditional and contemporary, rustic art and crafts and the old world.

Country Cabinets

These kitchen cabinets has a design that are specific to different regions. For example, in France, cabinets are made of cherry wood and oak and raised or recessed panels. In England, squares are accented by curves and are of oak or pine.

Traditional wardrobes

Traditional wardrobes have a lot of home decorative elements and inspire a large, perfect for older homes traditional look. They also come in many designs inspired by different regions and eras, such as Victorian, Georgian and Italian cabinets. Each of these has its specific elements, such as Victorian cabinets with doors arc panel and raised. Most of them have rope moldings, reliefs and are painted in bright colors.

Transition Cabinets

These kitchen cabinets are a combination of traditional designs and contemporáneos.Estos include lighter colors and equipment are not hidden. They are mostly made of synthetic materials.

Contemporary cabinets

Contemporary furniture is simple and modest design. They have decorative elements, sculptures, and usually painted in a color. They can also be stainless steel, and only slightly grained wood is used. Maple, ash and birch are the main tipos.También have glass inserts.

Rustic furniture

These cabinets are also poor in decorative elements and sculptures, only used heavily grain types of wood, such as walnut or alder. Usually they are red, green or yellow.

Arts and Crafts cabinets

The most popular types of wood used for these cabinets are maple, birch, beech and oak. The cabinets are usually handmade and may have ornaments. The door panel and the frame can be very different.

Cabinets Old World

These cabinets have a worn appearance. They can be cracked and the finish can be in trouble. To be perfect, also need to buy dishes and glasses they are also the Old World.

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Installing a Kitchen Sink

Installing a Kitchen Sink – Farm receptor is also known as a receiver apron. In recent years it has become very popular. Despite needing a little more standard preparation sinks that look great and add a nice look to its traditional cuisine.

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Installing a kitchen sink

Farm sinks and cabinets

Measuring the dimensions of the pool. Most times you need to replace existing cabinets to fit the sink. This is due to the opening of the cabinets is not supported. But if the cabinet has drawers false, then you should be able to install the sink without replacing them.

Installation Options

There are two ways to install a farm sink. One mount sink below the level of the counter, and the second by installing the sink edge slightly above the counter. For proper drainage, most homeowners installing the sink below the level of the counter.

Install the sink

After measuring the sink mark the perimeter of the box. Use a circular saw to cut the excess of the area saw. Now the sink should fit into place without any problem. Now all you have to do is install the pipe. Just be careful to get the hot water to the cold water left and right.

Currently there are three main types of kitchen sinks: rimming, under Mount and farm. Finished edge or rim sinks sit above the countertop. This is the least attractive option of the sink, and less practical, such as countertops can not be cleaned directly into the sink. This prevents the edge going smoothly. Food particles get stuck between the sink and countertop and breed bacteria and mold, which can in turn attract pests.

A quick and economical way to easily organize items competing for space. Gramercytap director of this case is that as soon as the cabinet drawers are introduced into an area, the organization begins! The products that can be functionally separate and deployment mechanism of these drawers underneath makes mounting see that things are much easier.

Undoubtedly one of the smartest designs everything! This type of platform unit has a two-step mechanism that is activated by pulling off the first platform gabinete.Tire one and two shelves that were hidden to move view and then outside the door or removable Kitchen Cabinet . Izquierda right they are available.

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Children Photography Tips

You are facing one of the most dangerous situations that you or your photographic equipment going to bite. You see your physical and mental well-exposed at all times, you crawl through sand between blades and threatening rakes, stumble out of Legos, with screaming dolls you let your camera prized above a piece of chewed cookie, or somewhere less than twenty meter … Zas !, the ground.

children photography tips

And just when you’re about to leave, when you think “to do that,” or “I will do photos with the phone, I do not risk more” … You see that face, that excitement, that gesture, that look that no one better than you know, no one knows better than you immortalize, you’ll catch your battered and full of chewed biscuit camera, and retomarás this work so full of danger as absolutely fascinating and wonderful it is to photograph children. 😉

And since you risk your physical integrity and that nice camera that you took so much effort to get … At least it is for a wonderful images of these small, imaginative, fascinating souls are children. To do this, go with a few tips and tricks to photograph with great results.

Before starting


If you’re tired or tired of always doing the same images, if you find inspiration wherever you go, I recommend two options:

Analyze your images, what are the ones you like and what they lack or abundance to those who do not? What do you get? Analyze it, interiorízalo and once you are clear, go get him.

Seeks inspiration in others. There are many online photo galleries child photography, and much information on the network. Surely some image fascinates you and motivates you to try something.

Choose appropriate settings

Whenever possible, look for places where children know they are going to have fun and also will provide a photogenic surroundings: The forest in autumn with its millions of colorful leaves scattered on the ground, a spring field full of flowers, road full of puddles and good red wellies (eye with the camera!) the beach or the river in summer and much more.

Study the place of the “session”

Prepare and know the place before you start taking pictures of children, will help you know the best places to have good lighting, the best funds, and different possibilities. So if you do not know previously, before starting to portray children, check it out and plan the best scenarios.

Search the place and time in the best light

Make sure you have enough light (if not, you can open the diaphragm, increase the ISO or use a flash)

Watch the background; recalls that the action should complement the story, but not distract attention from the main subject of the image. If you do not bring anything, closes or opens the frame aperture for desenfocarlo.

Choose the appropriate shooting mode

Depending on the situation and the results you want to obtain, you must choose between different modes providing you the camera. Children’s photography is action photography in its purest form, a good option is the way to prioritize speed in which you choose a minimum speed in which you make sure that your images and characters will not be moved.

  • Burst Shoot
  • Not more you set the camera to shoot in burst, especially if you anticipate a rapid and uncontrolled outdoor sitting 😉
  • During the session
  • Ponte a height

A people must look them in the eyes, the mirror of the soul, and the kids are not going to be less, right? Whenever we emphasize the importance of the eyes in any picture, how important it is to focus consciously well unless you want a different result. Since they are naturally lower than us (for now), the only way to frame them a normal point of view is crouching, knocking you to the ground, balancing squat or whatever you happen to your target and eyes are at the same height.

That does not mean you can not use other angles, chopped pictures, counter-bites, Zenith, etc. We also provide other interesting views.

You will not make me pose

One that will get to pose more than a minute with good results, although not usually the norm, especially in younger and restless. So the best option is to let them cope on their own, let them play and have fun, the images will be a thousand times better than if you force to pose, to put strange faces or forced smiles.

Not all smiles

Although the smile of children is the most magical and photogenic things that exist, you should not limit yourself to one party show a bias of his character. Do not just look for the smile, also seeks all that is part of them, crying, concentration, eyes wide with excitement. These images say as much as his smile, and also the complement and do you get a complete picture of his fascinating personality.

Planning and des-plan

If you had planned something before you start the session, by now you may have noticed that nothing is going as you wanted 😉 not despair, plan a session with children is almost like trying to plan a brainstorming session. But why are not going to stop getting wonderful and spontaneous images, you just need a little patience, perseverance and desire to have fun.

Anticipate and move quickly

If you want to get good images of children, I can assure you still not going to get, so move around, stand, squat, stretch on the floor, come, stay away, focused, waiting for the right moment, and repeated as many times as you need to until you are satisfied with the result. Slowly and with practice you will learn to anticipate certain situations and extract the maximum profit possible.


Try different planes and do not forget the close-ups and details, which are best allow you to highlight and focus on his eyes or his face gestures.

Doctors composition

Yes, I know that quite have to try to get one of your children not moved, an image of the face and not the child’s back running in the opposite direction to you to catch your ball … But take care composition remains as important as ever. Think that once you get the picture before you can do less well or, for a little more effort, (move the camera right, left, up or down, decentered slightly, seeking the third, I do not look for I do not like, I’m breaking I’m classic …) you can have a great image. Is the last and decisive step, a touch shutter and voila!

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