Anatomy of Design

Knowledge and skills of drawing anatomy is very important for a fashion designer, especially for beginners because this science is the foundation or basic skills to be learned and trained in order to produce good design.

Comparison of the body is a provision that is used to draw the human body size. This comparison is obtained from two-dimensional image / photo real person in the circumstances stand straight and facing forward.

1. Definition of Anatomy
Anatomy is the study of the overall composition of the human body from head to toe. In the field of fashion design, studied anatomy limited to the shape and movement of the jual kaos skate body with the parts such as the joints, muscles and nerves. With the joints, muscles and nerves in the body, the direction of drawing hands, legs, neck and face should be considered in order not to wrong direction and this figure should match the actual body movements.
To draw the anatomy of the body with an ideal size there are a few things to note:
a. Comparison of the height and width of the body
b. Location of body parts
c. Attitude, style and gestures
d. The fall of the clothing on the body.
To obtain the anatomical images of the body in accordance with the comparison and the location of the parts of the body, when the drawing should be assisted with the help of lines with a certain ratio. This comparison should be made for all parts of the body from head crown to toe.

2. Objectives Studying Anatomy
Anatomy is very important, especially for a designer in ideas and ideas to others. Fashion design in anatomy very big influence on fashions presented. Design is poured on the anatomy of the body will look more vivid and interesting than without anatomy. Besides the comparison of each model size clothing in anatomy is easier to read those who see it as:
a. Neckline and collar size
b. Shape sleeve and long sleeve
c. Part of the body, waist and pelvis
d. Decorative lines, pockets and decorations on garments
e. Silhouette blouse or the overall model
The selection of materials and clothing accessories
Based on the above, the anatomy of the body has the objective of which:
a. Can carry the message and image of its creator
b. As an embodiment of media forms and fashions
c. Comparisons can determine the meaning of a lingerie model
d. Helping the presentation images from several directions
e. As a means of communication to others.

3. Comparison of Body Types
One of the important things in drawing anatomy to design is to understand the concept of comparison for determining the size of the body such as head size, body size, the size of the hands and feet. In drawing a comparison body for the design of clothing we can choose some kind of comparison that is usually used, namely:
a. Comparison according to the actual anatomy of the body is high 7½ times the height of the head
b. Comparison according to the height of fashion design is 8 times the height of the head and some are wearing high 8½ head, it is usually referred to as anatomical models.
c. Comparisons are illustrative of the body that are usually used for design published or a certain style which is the ratio 9 times the height of the head even reach 12 times the height of the head also called comparative illustration.
This refers to the comparison of the body of the ideal body shape, physically and mentally healthy, in other words, the ideal size must comply with the following requirements:
a. A healthy body does not have a physical disability and suffering from a disease such as beriberi disease that can lead to body fat or weight is not balanced.
b. The arms and legs of solid, not too big nor too thin or small
c. Comparison of the size of normal body parts such as large eyes, nose and ears.

4. Drawing Comparison of Body
Comparison of the body according to the design of clothing is made with a high measure of body 8 times the height of the head or the head height 8½, is usually referred to as anatomical models. However, for purposes of illustration design made higher proportion of body, 10 x height of the head and some even make 11 x height of the head. Comparison of the body according to the design of this dress can be seen in the following table:

Comparison of height and width of the body is usually measured by the height of the head, such as high body 8 ½ times the height of the head. If the head height of 3 cm, the height is 8 ½ x 3 cm = 25 ½ cm. The measure is a measure that is used to draw the parts of the body from head crown to toe. To draw anatomy for this fashion design, size and proportions used are 3 cm high head, but can also take other sizes such as 2 ½ cm or 2 cm and can also be more than 3 cm depending on the image we want. Follow the steps below:
1. Create a line perpendicular relief and name the point O and X. The point O is located on the crown and X is located at the tip of the foot. OX is the length of the line height based on the height of the head. For example, the head of the desired height of 3 cm, the length OX = 8 ½ x 3 cm = 25 ½ cm. So long OX = 25½ cm and a distance of 0-1 = 3 cm. For point O-X into 8 ½ part.

2. Mark the point 0, 1, 1 ½, 2, 3, 4, 4 ¾, 5 3/4, 7, 8, 8 1/6, 8 ½ such as location-location of body parts in table 2 above. Connect the lines using a straight line to help line as shown below, thus forming a rudimentary sketch of the body or not fleshy.
0-1 = head height and head width is 2/3 x high head = 2 cm
1-1 ½ = high neck and neck width = ½ head width shoulder width = 2 x width of the head
2 = limit armpits / chest
3 = limit waist and elbows, waist width = width of the head
4 = limits of the hip and wrist, pelvis width = 2 x width of the head
4 ¾ = tip of the finger
5 3/4 = knee and knee distance = width of head
7 = calf
8 = ankle
8 1/6 = heel and heel distance = width of head
8 ½ = toe and toe distance = width of head
3. Shape the body so it looks like flesh with existing
help line at the top.

4. Remove auxiliary lines and trim anatomical drawings are made in order to obtain
an intact anatomy that can be varied movement and style.

5. Enhance the image by filling the parts of the face and perfect the shape of body parts such as body shape, waist, hips, thighs, calves, arms, and legs as in the image below. The location of the facial parts, namely:
0 = fontanel
¼ = limit forehead
½ = location of the eye
¾ = location of the nose
½ – ¾ = location of the ear
7/8 = layout lips
1 = chin

6. The Anatomy of movement and style can be changed by making the framework of yarn or frame beams. Anatomy can already be used as a guide in drawing an assortment of clothing.

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Advantages of Using Fossil Fuels

The highest consumption level in the world today is a fossil fuel. They are man’s best friend. Several thousand years ago, in the era of carbon, due to drastic changes in fuel earth’s- today’s atmosphere fossils are formed. From the day has been extracted and found that they have served mankind and is still one of the most useful tools for human life. Fossil fuels include petroleum, coal and natural gas.


Advantages of Fuel Fosil1 Easily Available: Because these fossil fuels have such great utility, the more extraction will be every day. Geologists around the world are trying to figure out the coal mine. Even more pressure as the population is increasing day by day. With the advancement of science and technology, refinery and extraction procedures also increased a lot. This jual solarcell makes the availability of even more subtle.
2 Produce a Large Amount of Energy: Fossil fuels are flammable. Most internal combustion engines must be supported with the least amount of fuel to and they can produce large amounts of energy. Fossil fuels have served us for centuries. It is considered a form of portable energy. The industrial revolution has popularized the use of fossil fuels in the whole planet. All machines, devices, vehicles dependent on fossil fuels, maybe it was coal, petroleum or natural gas. Sustainable fuel sources such as solar, wind or geothermal having a complex process to harness the energy from them.

3 High-Value Calories: All the energy produced has some calorific value. The more the value, the more effective it is. Fossil fuels are the highest producer in terms of calorific value of energy. It is also one of the reasons why they are still preferred over sources of renewable energy or alternative energy sources.

4. Stability: Fossil fuels consist of molecules of carbon and hydrogen. This makes them very stable. Nuclear energy, for example, is produced from the radioactive elements and the energy produced because of their instability. Fossil fuels, because of their firmness in the molecular constitution easy to store too. They do not form other compounds if stored in cans for a long time. For the same reason, bringing fossil fuels is also easier than other forms of fuel.

5. Transportation: The industry needs a regular supply of fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal. The biggest advantage of using fossil fuels is that they can be easily stored and transported from one place to another. It requires fuel to be strong enough to carry from one piece of land to another. Large reserves of coal extracted from coal mines to industrial hectares away from the mine. Oil is being carried too much power to produce energy. Transportation fuel is probably because it is portable. In fact, natural gas is currently being moved to a different area.

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Traditional Acne Medication

In addition to the natural way above, you can also use the traditional way to cure acne following:

Compress With Ice Cube
Rather than push, wrap an ice cube in a clean cloth. Stick it on the acne area for 30 seconds. Apply new acne medication that you normally wear. Ice cubes will shrink pores and absorb excess oil.


Baking Soda
Simply take 1 tablespoon of baking soda, then mixed with water to form a paste. Rub gently on the skin for 10-15 seconds, then rinse thoroughly. Baking soda will remove dead skin from acne dried. Your face will look more clean and shining.

Oatmeal can absorb oil well and also can clear acne in the face. Cook oatmeal as usual, then chill. Apply oatmeal to the face as a mask, leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly, and pat gently with a towel to dry. See also the article how to make a natural facial mask.

One key to treating acne is routine and patient. Most people want instant results with just doing one acne treatment and lost forever. It is a way of thinking that is silly and childish. Make sure you routinely in treating the face and using acne medication.

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A Quick Solution to Solve the outcome by Detective Products


Already, a variety of facts quicker implemented, that includes one of these usually is to cure the difficulty with this investigator services. As we speak there are several businesses that opened up investigator services in order to help us work out an instance that we all have observed. We can easily communicate with for many different worries just like the matters of appreciation and partnerships all your family.

Is there a detective?

Investigator is someone who has got chore to perform an inquiry and exploration for a lot of scenarios. Typically detective working with the cops to undertake all lawsuits. But the truth is, now there is an exclusive investigator that you will call up straightaway so you can interact with face-to-face.

The detective carries a cherished capability to conduct surveillance, spying, lookups among other very well appropriately. Detectives are taught and felt very much more frequently to allow them to will have a chosen detektif to resolve a case.

What products are offered a investigator?

There are thousands of detective products and services can you get like the:


In the event you suspect somebody from the problem, as an example, your hubby is having an situation with one more partner, then you may inquire about make it easier for on a detective to investigate the affair. And also, the investigation can also be carried out to search history you recognize an individual who is totally new or maybe your companion. Then an detective will article tips he receives speedily as is practical. The investigation might also be accomplished for all is important of countrywide and world wide problems.

b.Try to find passing up persons

This is really a crucial job ought to be a detective. Within the knowledge and experience they could look for a omitting man in your quicker time. They are simply expert to uncover the debtor and skipping individuals.


Detectives could carry out an investigation for one court case. They may actions investigations to discover the state of informative insurance plan obtain. Additionally is designed for an intensive exploration prior to signing the contract. Plus, the investigator can also house address the fraudulence research which happen to be regularly occurring similar to personal financial or legal court cases on-line. So, that they will ensure the surgical procedure on the personal computer less risky.

How does a detective?

Detective purpose quite professional. There is a particular method to cure an instance and answer it entirely. They may have sophisticated technological innovation products that include cameras disguised investigator kept on garmets like the tie up clip, writing instruments and drinking glasses as well as others. Detective perform well at work to execute a search online or by getting in contact with other companies to request support. Down the road are employed in the area to enjoyjob interviews and surveillance, spying on someone else and many others.

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Nine places in Balikpapan which Festive gives

Balikpapan is one of the towns in Indonesia, which has the maximum properly monetary situations. This is because the town is rich in oil their floor. So, you ought to not be surprised if humans within the capital of East Kalimantan, most people have a thick bag. But, it turns out the Oil town additionally has top notch places that may be used as a undertaking area you with the circle of relatives. Tourist attractions in London virtually could make the wisatawannya linger within the town’s biggest oil manufacturer in Indonesia. For the hotel murah di margonda depok ones of you who’re identifying wherein to vacation, there is nothing incorrect Balikpapan as you make your holiday destination.

Pantai Kemala
Places Nature in Balikpapan interesting
Oil-rich city is blessed God with nature so charming. Most of the traveller attractions in London that affords nature as its attraction. Truly nature is coveted by using residents who need to escape for a moment from the bustle of the metropolis could be very crowded. Later, many of folks that pick a holiday to the beach to mereleksasikan mind for a moment. Here are some natural visitor destinations that you could visit with own family or colleagues at the same time as arriving at Balikpapan.
Seashore Kemala
Kemala seaside is a fave beach network Balikpapan. The seaside is never empty of site visitors visit. Furthermore, if the vacations arrive, the seashore is filled with flocks of folks who all need to relieve tired in a moment. Natural traveler sights in London can you are making as a assembly region with own family for plenty status on the seaside restaurant which serves Indonesian dishes to Europe. Or, in case you just want to have amusing, you may play banana boat to lease it for 25 thousand, while the jet ski condo charge of 300 thousand in step with hour. You ought to sense glad if you can spare the time to visit the seashore Kemala.
Beach Lamaru
if you need a quiet atmosphere, you may select the vacationer attractions in big apple town in this one, Lamaru beach. Lamaru is the seaside which gives tranquility for the traffic. The waves are not too huge and the surroundings is breathtaking to make site visitors linger on this seaside. Moreover, the presence of pine timber across the coast, making the air receives cool. Admission may be very reasonably-priced beach simplest 2000 rupiah. In case you are bored of lounging across the seashore, you may try the sport bike boat or eating on the stalls inside the seaside.
Sari Segara manggar seashore
apparently, Balikpapan is not best wealthy in oil, the city additionally has many beaches which offer a staggering splendor. One greater seashore that can make traffic lured, the beach right now manggar sari. The seaside is crowded throughout the vacations arrive this, you can make it as a place to loosen up with family. As a substitute, you could also make this Balikpapan natural sights as a place to exercise, along with seaside volleyball. You can additionally swim, boat, play banana boat, jet ski, or simply enjoyable on the outskirts at ease at the same time as eating traditional local food Balikpapan. You without a doubt pay tike a thousand rupees per person when you want to visit the beach manggar Sari Segara.
Melawai beach
nevertheless there’s the shoreline that offers a highly-priced but reasonably-priced to the wisatawannya. Vacationer sights in London named Melawai seashore is located now not a ways from the beach Lamaru is typically visited by tourists within the afternoon till night. Sure, visitors who came there wanted to look at the sunset view is breathtaking. At the same time as you enjoy the natural scenery typical seaside Melawai, could not hurt to attempt eu dishes are bought there at a reasonably-priced rate.
List of tourist sights in ny city offers
Do you believe you studied Balikpapan oil wealthy always serve the traveler points of interest that have front prices are expensive. There are several tourist points of interest in London that suits your preferred who’re intending to shop charges when the vacations. Make no mistake, even though reasonably-priced, however traveller can still go away you spellbound. Curious what this oil-wealthy town provided to traffic who’ve a mediocre budget? Right here are some points of interest that reasonably-priced Balikpapan.
tourist attractions Balikpapan this one is the monument that became a symbol of popular resistance while the Dutch colonial Balikpapan. Robotically, you could also make Monpera placed at Jalan Sudirman Balikpapan as a vacationer destination of your history. Not best monument are supplied, however there’s also a mini museum that is placed under the ground of the monument.
Further, activities are often held in Monpera because within the attractions at the back of those forums also offer a level for performances. As a substitute, you want to seize a second in Monpera, you can make white sand seashore and park Monpera as viewnya. To enter in Monpera, you’ll simplest be charged 2 hundred rupees in keeping with individual.
Forests Wanawisata
In Kalimantan, there is still lots of forests. But, a whole lot of woodland in Borneo is transformed right into a cheap traveler spot for travelers, one wanawisata wooded area. If the vacations arrive, the own family cannot wait to go to the visitor points of interest in London are reasonably-priced. Besides you could roll out the mat while ingesting provision and abawa, you could additionally perform other sports, which includes going for walks or hiking through the forest. To you who convey kids, you could take him journey rides furnished. Entry price ticket is quite cheap, simply one cent in line with person.
Mangrove Margomulyo
Mangrove forests Margomulyo is the city of Aberdeen. Many traffic make this forest as a vacationer in London. Sincerely exciting, you may stroll around this mangrove forest through the bridge that were made via the supervisor. You also can see birds and animals proboscis of substations of view that has been provided. In case you are curious about the animal proboscis monkey, you may visit here inside the morning or earlier than sundown. Don’t worry, although this covered forest used as visitor attractions, however the supervisor did now not charge at all. Simply ask preserving the cleanliness of blanketed forests simplest to visitors who come to the jungle Margomulyo.
Parks Bekapai
in case you are still now not glad across the city of Aberdeen, there is one more region that actually makes you happy, Bekapai park. Parks Bekapai which means that garden to loosen up is a park placed within the middle of Balikpapan. Many those who make it a vacationer spot in Balikpapan cheap. In the lawn Bekapai, you can connect the internet at no cost, you also can dangle out whilst consuming meals and gentle liquids are being bought via buyers out of doors the park. As a result, many young folks who make Bekapai park as their favored hangout. Hopefully the above data can be a reference for individuals who need to return to the oil city, East Kalimantan.

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Deal with your body Short Dress to Fit

All the women in this world certainly wants to be able to show his best performances, one of them with makeup, hairdo (or hijab if veiled), and mix and match clothes that will make you become fashionable. But what if your posture was not supportive of the ideal woman? Ideally, of course, a tall, slim, slender, fair-skinned and long-haired and good.

Well, what if it turns out you have a short body? Well, have a short body sometimes is not fun. You have to be extra picky in choosing clothes that fit so your little body do not look more mini, especially if you are not categorized as slim. But do not worry! Here are some ways you can get around to dress your little body.

Wear the Same Color
Tips for your first dress petite superiors and subordinates are using the same colored or monochromatic. Use of superiors and subordinates of the same color to create the illusion of more height on your body than wearing a different color.

Avoid the use of superiors and subordinates in different colors, especially with color differences are very striking, for example superiors and subordinates colored white colored red. The color difference superiors and subordinates very sharp it may also reveal the silhouette of the body such as the ‘cut’ the shorter alias.

Use Bottoms High Waist
If you are afraid to use a subordinate high waist, whether it’s shorts, trousers or skirt, do not worry! Precisely subordinate to the model high waist high waisted alias can help you show silhouette higher. Use high waist jeans or skirt high waist to create the illusion of more height on your body.
No bell-bottoms
Avoid the use of trousers with the tip that extends to the bottom or pieces of bell-bottoms. Pants with these pieces can actually make your body look even shorter, since the end of the trousers that widened under can create excessive volume at the lower part of the body, so it is not balanced with the upper part of your body.

Use pants that cover the shoes, but not the ends widened below. In addition to pieces of bell-bottoms pants, capri pants also avoid use because it can be ‘cut’ your body.

Dark colors
Avoid the use of bright or light colored clothing, because the color can expose your body is getting shorter and tend to be obese because height is less. Instead, use clothing with a dark color or monochromatic tones so as to create a more slender silhouette.

Thin Belt
If you are a fan belt or belts, use a thin or too wide. Thin belt will look in tune with your body that is too small, so the appearance will be more balanced. Conversely, if you use a wide belt, your body will appear to sink and getting shorter.

Go Vertical
Women who have a short body generally also rather fat, due to his height is less. Then one of the tips to dress for other women short stature is using the dress with a pattern of vertical, not horizontal. Vertical motif will make your body more slender illusion. Avoid using horizontal motif, because the direction of the line that is to the side will also make your body look widened to the side.

Note the Hair Style
If you do not wear the hijab, then hairdo you also can affect your short body silhouette. Short or pixie haircut can make your body look even higher. Instead, hair pieces that are too long will make your body look even shorter because such ‘races’ with your height.

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Wulan Guritno Behind the Camera Lens

Wulan Guritno Behind the Camera Lens

Since the plunge into the world of the big screen in 2005 through the film Promise Joni, Wulan Guritno was not just acting. Slowly he learned how to produce a film. And in 2012, Dimitri Lim’s wife ventured to become a figure behind the camera lens. Through Dilemma Wulan debut as a producer.

“Actually it is not impromptu yes, everything slowly. Initially, surely I also forgot, if after writing a novel Feel (2009) or create a short film first. Actually from the first desire is there, but yes to learn a little bit lah. Her fear was still there until now anyway but yes reckless course and still accompanied to remind each other because they are new, “said Wulan tell the process itself into a producer.He began his career playing the movie since the 1960s, Nani Widjaja has been active for five decades. Of the 110  films that he starred, largely as a supporting actor. Not only play the movie, he is also a witness of the players berjuangnya films in the late 1960s, when there were only film production in a matter of a finger, and the last movie player for everyday life. Addressing that all roles in any media-movies and soap operas are equally important is the key Nani Widjaja in undergoing job.wulan-guritno_article_sosok

Wulan should be a joint director Robby Lim Ertanto and her husband Dimitri. Because Dilemma requires producers, No Ordinary Love star finally decided to fill the seat producer. “Previously, I had become a director in the film The Dilemma, but because it took me back and producer finally become a producer. After it began to evolve and Dilla also invited Rhinaldi Puspoyo, and Robby Ertanto Soediskam,” said the mother of three children.

Not easy being a producer. Besides responsible for funds. Wulan apparently found other obstacles during the production process. “Set the time how to unite all the stars, and the crew was really hard. So we retreat schedule that was ready to be released in November 2011 finished in January 2012 and ended February 23, 2012. In addition, the process edit it also takes a long time. The duration of which was 150 minutes should be trimmed so 100 minutes, “he recalls.

Then there any Wulan lanes to remain in the background and leave the world of acting. “I was an actress who tries to learn to make a film. Because long films and had many friends, certainly many who share their knowledge to me. When it comes to acting I will not leave because of the soul. If I stay, like there is something missing . Anyway I was still good enough after birth. So turn down the body first, then reverse acting again. ” he said, smiling.

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StoS Film Festival 2012: No Fiction Short Film Competition Winners

StoS Film Festival 2012: No Fiction Short Film Competition Winners

Of the 32 short fiction films were entered and seven seeded, the jury consisting of Adrian Jonathan Pasaribu, Prime Kartawiyuda, and Catharina Dwihastarini decided that there is no winner for Fiction Short Film Competition at the South to South Film Festival this year.stos-penutupan_article_berita

“In our opinion, the works were entered no superior than others,” said Adrian when night announcement that took place at the Goethe Institut, Menteng, Jakarta, on Sunday, February 26, 2012. In addition, environmental watch32 is issues raised merely surface and there is no technical consistency and language of film used. However, there are two short fiction films which received Special Mention because they have a unique approach, namely Jakarta 2012 Andra works Fembriarto and Necklace Shoes Dwi Astuti work. While the movie is fiction selection screen audience Disorderly work Farid Novin S Wibowo, beat Gloves and Gamelan Noise, which is a big three fiction films the audience choice.

Documentary Short Film Competition is divided into several categories namely Best Documentary Short Film, Special Mention, Best TV Documentary and Documentary Audience choice. According to the jury consisting of Arief Ashshiddiq, Darwin Nugraha, and Nana Sujana, Best TV Documentary film category appeared as a TV documentary-making is considered to have its own difficulties related to how the documentary devoted to the TV media. Therefore, this category appears as a form of support for a TV documentary.

Short Film Best Documentary are eligible for South to South (StoS) Film Festival Award is Love Letter for the Prada works Wenda Maria Imakulatas Tokomonowir stated that the film focuses on the problem set, presented in a simple, and capable of carrying a layer of issues behind events there is in this movie.

To award a Special Mention was given to the film documentary Oxtail, works of Deden Ramadani. Although the issue was not specifically discuss the environment, but the object of this film is an important thing and discussion, and issues close to the filmmaker.

While Best TV Documentary achieved Demi Scratches Ari Trismana Kapur works, production DAAI TV. This film is considered to choose the subjects that represent the “spirit Without Borders”, not exploiting poverty, criticized the government but not the passionate though still striking.

While the House Multatuli Sapto work Agus Irawan which is also the production DAAI was elected Documentary TV viewers choice defeating President of Grey and Demi Scratches Kapur.

In addition, the results of the Regional Meeting Forum held on 23-25 ​​February 2012 yesterday, it has been agreed that the film has become a powerful campaign tool in conveying the message to the public. They also agreed that in making the film should also think about the production strategy. Distribution is also considered to strengthen and expand the network. It must be obtained in networking for collective learning antarpembuat the film, festival organizers and media activists. Last is how to manage the audience after the screening.

In addition to the announcement of the winner of the competition films, at night as well as a closing StoS Film Festival also announced five best essays works, winners of photo contest “Spirit Without Borders”, also musical performances from Glenn Fredly and several other performers. After this, StoS Festival activities will continue with roadshows and bringing films to the festival villages, corners, schools, and colleges.

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Spicy taste Majun Bu ~ Starting Hobbies Culinary Spicy, now Sambal Packaging Business Success

Spicy taste Majun Bu ~ Starting Hobbies Culinary Spicy, now Sambal Packaging Business Success
Food with spicy taste seems to have become the identity of many communities in Indonesia. Backed by a wealth of spices are there, no doubt Indonesia managed to become a paradise sauce with diverse variations and additional seasonings. This fact is also a business opportunity with a spicy culinary segmentation is always a potential for a run.sambal-kemasan-Selera-Pedas-BuMajun-e1446348388319
A businessman from Bali, IGN Andi Kamasan reading these opportunities and puts them into a unique package condiment business with an authentic taste. Not just because he saw the potential that exists, and it turns out he does have a family background chili lovers. So if running your own hobby business, business with Sambal brand “Tastes Spicy BuMajun” This one could run with the maximum and wholeheartedly.
After a few months, the turnover of the business is now owned by Andi condiment packaging can be won turnover of up to Rp11 million per month. More details about the beginnings and development of packaging tastes spicy sambal business BuMajun, here we summarize in the following article.
Beginning of Business Sambal Packaging
The business owners IGN Andi Kamasan may at first not thought about that now will have the sauce packaging business. But it turns from a simple hobby enjoyed the dish with the sauce to complement the meal, instead take the man 35 years into the #bisnis culinary condiment packaging.
He indulged, DAM Martadewi with his wife and parents, they are a chili lover. Almost every day there is always a variety of like chili garlic sauce, matah, dried tempeh, shrimp and a variety of other species in the family dining table.
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The mix? Of course the mother, IGAA Majun A. Well this is where business interests Andi began to emerge. He felt that the chili recipe creation potential of the mother seem to be sold. In terms of taste and uniqueness, namely that the sauces he will be in great demand spicy culinary enthusiasts, especially, who liked the taste of his native Balinese cuisine.
Birth of Tastes Spicy Sambal Packaging BuMajun
Once confident with the business, then Andi started making preparations chili will be sold along with other equipment such as the packaging process until the sale later. When it comes to brand name because it stems from the inspiration sauce that made his mother, Andi decided to make the mother as the brand name of “Tastes Spicy BuMajun”.
Be condiment packaging “Tastes Spicy BuMajun” marketed. Start of selling them offline in some places, and it also offers its products online. Not only that, events and bazaar business people were also targeted product marketing medium spicy sauce tastes BuMajun. Related variants of the product, the packaging tastes spicy sambal BuMajun present in some choice among Balinese onion sauce, chili matah, chili Balado cotton anchovies, anchovy sauce Balado beans, chili paste, dried tempeh and serondeng.
Beginning with a capital of 5 million, Tastes Spicy BuMajun only produced in limited numbers conform with the order. But gradually, the attention of consumers who’ve tried pleasure typical sauce Bali peracik the fabric increases. And now no less than 20 to 40 bottles continue to be produced every day to meet the needs and market demand. In the manufacturing process, from the beginning only helped his wife and the mother of the business now has two employees the right to help the day-to-day production.
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Always Maintain Product Quality
With a range of up to customers outside the city, which became Andi business challenges is how to maintain product quality sauces to stay fit up in the hands of customers. Given the refined culinary sauce is wet, it is more vulnerable to stale or have problems lainnnya product damage.
To overcome this, all products Tastes Spicy BuMajun packed with the aid of a vacuum sealer and covered with aluminum. By doing so, they are stored for a period of time in accordance with thresholds are exceeded, the product quality of processed chili Andi will always be awake and remain hygienic.
Now tastes spicy condiment packaging BuMajun been marketed to several areas of Java and Bali island. But through online marketing, konsumenpun range has widened to the whole of Indonesia. Going forward, the business owners hope continues to improve its business while building the capacity of typical Balinese restaurant that has long been his goal.

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The free mind cause actual Aria never hated industry

The first film made by an independent Aria is a parcel for President (1999). The film is never aired everywhere but it circulated as a bootleg movie starring Unique Priscilla, Alex Komang, and Bucek Depp. The story is about a journalist who dismantle drug syndicate because his wife and children become victims. He was later killed, but the video results of the investigation have been sent to PO Box 5000 belongs to the president.

In the new world of Aria immediately feel pleasure to work personally and freely. “Indie Spirit begins with everything personal, and then in groups in the communities. As creators we are naked, free-free wrote. Make movies aja ya make a movie, do not have to make those boxes,” he explained.

The free mind cause actual Aria never hated industry. He also did not hate the industry. “What I hate their behavior,” he said. Behavior, he says, tend to oversimplify or simplify everything with reason “audience taste”, “industry”, and others. His attitude has not changed despite the success of Identity post he practically has become a part of the industry.

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The film which catapulted the name Aria as a hero indie as it gets formal recognition from the mainstream world as Best Director and Best Film FFI 2009 but it also begins to destroy the identity of all its indie is a unique watch t.v series online production. Prepared and made independent, but completed and marketed through mainstream distribution channels.

He began his film production with a capital of USD 5 million and riding work in the office of Detachment 88 in Cilandak area. While preparing it around looking for funds. One of them told Deddy Mizwar, but was rejected. After collecting USD 150 million before shooting began.

“Because the money is running out, I cooed again Deddy manner invites him to play the scene. At this location, perhaps out of pity, he give a loan of Rp 100 million. After running out again, I owe another Rp 100 million. Time would like to have some more , he said can not go on indefinitely dong. He offered to buy distribution rights to the film was aired on the network 21 and the Blitz, “the story of Aria.

The offer was made confusion. He consulted a number of people are respected. One of them, the director Labbes Widar, which is considered his spiritual teacher, said, “Cinema’s only the presentation space. The important thing still works.”

Then, filled with misgivings he accepts the offer, the terms still must conduct a road show aired on college campuses as usual. Identity purchased USD 750 million, while the cost of which has been spent, including paying all debts, only $ 710 million to picture lock. “So there is still an excess of Rp 40 million,” he said.

After that Aria makes Fart like most films produced industry. “Really good, the director just come, sit down. All there is ngurusin,” he flashed good. But he admitted more tired because many things have to be compromised with what is always referred to as the industry norm. Starting from the music business, poster, up to a lot of other things.

“Fart was the first and the last,” said Aria in the end. Bernarkah he will keep his promise?

Time will be the test. But the next film, Metamorphosis, will be produced next year independently. Filming the story of the nun angry and sue God is wholly in Manado. “I just take 20 crew, including the players. Now again collect capital, was able to free accommodation in hostels police, would ask for a discount Merpati plane tickets, and continue nyari loan or other contribution,” he says.

If so, welcome back in the old world, Aria. Whether later he did not miss the publicity, fame, praise, awards, and other fun things that can be easily obtained in the mainstream world?

“It’s all false,” he replied firmly.

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